"18 Degrees”, 2018

"18 Degrees”, 2018


”Du hast Tomaten auf den Augen”

Augen Auf.

If that doesn’t explain, here’s more.

My name is Autumn…but it would have been Winter because I was born in the blizzard of 96

but thats too cold,

or emerald

but my mom didnt really like the color green.

anyways :

{Insert historically accurate childhood here] has RESULTED in a body of work hinting at borderline obsessions with early 90’s cartoons, Byzantine aesthetics and something i call “low-quality adult materials”.

It all made me a bit...unscrupulous. I tend towards ridicule - the most shameful and ugly parts of being, bodies, and sexuality. Squishing, cinching, folding, wrinkling, sag, sweat, drool.  I relish in the act of taking the “ugliest” features of bodies and behaviors exaggerating them in ways they become beautiful for the same reasons they have been deemed revolting.